26 Secret Hiding Places For Fleshlights And Other Sex Toys [INFOGRAPHIC]

Secret hiding place ideas for Fleshlights and sex toys

Few things in life are more embarrassing than someone finding your sex toys by accident. The internet is filled with sex toy horror stories about mothers discovering Fleshlights in underwear drawers and dads stumbling upon vibrators in nightstand drawers.

But you don’t need to be devious to hide your sex toys effectively. Anyone can master the art of concealment with our handy infographic and list of the best secret hiding places for Fleshlights and sex toys.

INFOGRAPHIC: The best secret hiding places for sex toys

INFOGRAPHIC: The Best Secret Hiding Places for Fleshlights and Sex Toys


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The best secret hiding places for Fleshlights and other sex toys

1. In an old computer box

You can hide your Fleshlight in an old computer box

2. In an old xBox, Playstation or gaming console box

Gaming console boxes are great secret hiding places for adult toys like butt plugs

3. In a plastic storage tote labeled “work stuff”

Storage totes make excellent secret hiding places for Fleshlights as long as they allow evaporation and air movement
Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Storage Bin With Lid, 14-Gallon – See on Amazon

4. In an old unused shoebox

Repurpose an oldshoebox into a secret sex toy hiding place

5. In a old Kleenex box under tissues on a bedside table

Store small sex toys like lube in kleenex tissue box secret hiding place
Kleenex Soothing Lotion Facial Tissues – See on Amazon

Tissue boxes work great for hiding a small vibrator or bottle of lube you use regularly.

6. In a toolbox, tool bag or craft supplies box

Hide your sex toys in an empty toolbox or tool bag
Stanley STST19410 One-Latch Toolbox – See on Amazon

7. In an under-bed storage container

Hide big Fleshlight collections in underbed storage container like ClosetMaid 31495 Under-Bed-Fabric Storage Bag,-Gray
ClosetMaid 31495 Under-Bed Fabric Storage Bag – See on Amazon

These are ideal for large Fleshlight collections. For even more peace of mind, throw a blanket or towel on top to disguise the contents.

8. In a storage ottoman

Hide masturbators, dildos and butt plugs in a storage ottoman
CoCo Living Storage Ottoman Cube – See on Amazon

9. Behind your books on a bookshelf

Hide sex toys behind books on a wooden bookshelf

10. Behind your vinyl record album collection

IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit – See on Amazon

11. In a backpack, book bag, or messenger bag (with or without a combination lock)

Backpacks make excellent hiding places for Fleshlights, vibrators, and other adult toys
Mancro Unisex Laptop Backpack – See on Amazon

If you put a lock on a sex toy bag, keep the bag somewhere that visitors won’t see when they enter your room.

12. In a gym bag or sports equipment bag

adidas Defender III Small Duffel – See on Amazon

13. In a weekender bag or overnight bag

Weekender and overnight bags are creative hiding places for your sex toy collection
S-ZONE Oversized Canvas and Leather Weekender Bag – See on Amazon

14. In a golf shoe bag or any kind of shoe bag

Black Adidas Golf shoe bags are great hiding places for small sex toy collections
adidas Golf Shoebag – See on Amazon

15. In a large travel packing cube

large blue travel packing cubes are creative hiding spots for Fleshlights, dildos, butt plugs, and prostate toys
JJ Power Travel Packing Cubes Set – See on Amazon

If you stash toys in a packing cube, be sure to put it inside something else to prevent nosy people from discovering it.

16. In an empty suitcase or carry-on luggage

Large Fleshlight collections can be hidden in black amazon basics carry-on spinner suitcase luggage
AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage – See on Amazon

Hiding toys inside empty luggage is a great space-saver.

17. In a canvas tote bag on a hanger under a coat in your closet

Hide your sex toys in a canvas tote bag hanging on a hanger under a coat or jacket in your bedroom closet
Port & Company Canvas Bottom Shopping Tote – See on Amazon

18. In a lockable file cabinet

Modern white lockable filing cabinets make a secure sex toy hiding spot, but aren't very discreet
DEVAISE 3-Drawer Locking Mobile File Cabinet – See on Amazon

19. In desk drawer under a bunch of old phone chargers and cables

Hide butt plugs and adult toys in  large bottom drawer of a modern woodgrain computer desk, but use false bottom or decoys
Monarch Left Or Right Facing 48″ Computer Desk – See on Amazon

For extra peace of mind, you could easily make a false bottom for the drawer.

20. In a large basket covered by decoy items

Make a woven cotton rope basket into a secret hiding spot for sex toys using clever creative decoys on top, like blankets or yarn
INDRESSME XXXLarge Woven Rope Basket – See on Amazon

21. In an old, gutted PC tower case

Hide and dry Fleshlight in old tower computer case with fan
Thermaltake Versa H22 Black ATX Mid Tower  – See on Amazon

22. In the unused space inside a large gaming PC frame

Discreetly dry and hide Fleshlight in Fractal Designs gaming tower windowless case
Fractal Design Define R5 Gaming Case – See on Amazon

This is a terrific way to hide a Fleshlight since the fans would dry the sleeve and keep it warm so it’s always ready for playtime.

23. In a security lockbox labeled “tax documents”

Discreetly and secretly store sex toys in security lockbox with key or combination lock
Vaultz Locking File Storage Chest – See on Amazon

24. In a dorm trunk or steamer trunk

Securely and discreetly store large sex toy collection in dorm trunk steamer trunk like Seward SWD5120-20 30-inch orange footlocker
Seward Trunk Dorm and Camp Footlocker Trunk – See on Amazon

If you need room, a foot locker is big enough for big toys like floggers and whips and roomy enough for large collections.

25. In a breathable antimicrobial sex toy bag

Safely and securely hide vibrators prostate toys dildos and butt plugs in pink velvet Sugar N Spice Boutique Sugar Sak Extra Large Toy Bag
Sugar N Spice Boutique Sugar Sak Extra Large Toy Bag – See on Amazon

26. In a locking antimicrobial sex toy box

Hide vibrators and dildos in secret sex toy chest like Joyboxx Passionate Playground Hygienic Locking Storage Box System
Joyboxx – Passionate Playground Hygienic Locking Storage Box System – See on Amazon

More creative ways to discreetly store your sex toys

Use these tips and strategies to make your adult toys completely undetectable to parents, roommates, friends, and houseguests.

Tip #1 – Make it fly under the radar

Use what you know about human behavior to hide sex toys in plain sight. Which areas of your room are visitors and guests unlikely to touch, open, or clean? Depending on your living situation, decoys and disguises could be highly effective camouflage.

Tip #2 – Keep it accessible

Don’t hide your toys anywhere that’s time-consuming or hard to reach or you’ll be less likely to play with them.

Tip #3 – Dry your Fleshlight sleeves fast

You should wash your Fleshlight each time you use it. But leaving a wet Fleshlight sleeve out in the open to air-dry isn’t very discreet. This is how to dry your sleeves faster.

  • After rinsing with water, pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol through the sleeve to speed up the drying process (and disinfect the sleeve)
  • Pull a scrunched up paper towel through it to remove any remaining water droplets
  • Rub some cornstarch or renewing powder inside of the sleeve to absorb moisture
  • Keep one or two of desiccant packets into your storage container to absorb moisture

Tip #4 – Let your Fleshlight air-dry where you hide it

Storing a freshly-washed sleeve in an air-tight container is a recipe for mold, mildew and funky odors. So wherever you decide to stash it, make sure any moisture in the sleeve will be able to evaporate. If you have the perfect Fleshlight storage container, but you think it’s air-tight, just drill two or three holes in the side to allow more airflow.

More inspiring hiding place ideas

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What did we miss? Share your suggestions for good secret sex toy hiding places in the comments below and we’ll add them to our list right away.


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