Fleshlight Flight Pilot Review + Comparison [2019]

Fleshlight Flight Review - Flight Pilot Mini Destroya Photo

If you’ve stumbled upon this Fleshlight Flight review, chances are you’re trying to figure out if you want to buy Fleshlight’s Flight Pilot or one of their other male masturbators. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is smaller, lighter, and more discreet than a regular-sized Fleshlight, and a big step up in stimulation from the ultra-compact Fleshlight Quickshot.

But is the Fleshlight Flight Pilot “Mini-Destroya” actually worth the money? Keep reading this Fleshlight Flight review to find out, or skip ahead to our review summary and buying recommendations.

Fleshlight Flight review and ratings


  • 40% cheaper than Fleshlight Girls
  • Compact size
  • “Mini-Destroya” sleeve offers intense, varied stimulation 
  • Easy to clean and fast drying (for a Fleshlight)


  • Only 3 sleeve options
  • May be too tight for girthy guys
  • Sleeve won’t completely engulf long dicks
  • Slanted back cap makes re-applying lube awkward

Average rating

Portability 90%
Ease of cleaning 90%
Drying time 70%
Stimulation 90%
Orgasm 90%
Overall Intensity 80%

The Flight Pilot offers luxurious tightness and stimulation in an affordable, compact and discreet design.

What’s the Fleshlight Flight Pilot?

Photo of Fleshlight Flight Pilot's blue packaging
My new Fleshlight Flight arrived in a handsome blue box.

The Pilot is the most popular, best-rated model in Fleshlight’s Flight series of travel masturbators with clear “Ice” sleeves. Compared to larger models, the Flight Pilot offers a more compact form factor, stealthier design, and lower price point. Priced at just $49.95, the Flight Pilot is $30 cheaper than a Fleshlight Girls, which retail for $79.95.

Size and weight

Comparison Photo Showing Size of Fleshlight Flight Pilot Mini-Destroya beside bottle of Red Hook beer and Quickshot Boost and Vantage
How big is the Fleshlight Flight Pilot? At 8 inches tall x 3.5 inches in diameter, it’s more than an inch taller and slightly thicker than a bottle of Red Stripe beer and my Fleshlight Quickshots.
  • Case length: 8 inches / 20.3 cm
  • Case diameter (at widest point): 3.5 inches / 8.9 cm
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces / 400 grams

Will you fit?

According to British researchers, 90% of adult men’s penises are between 4 and 6.3 inches long when erect, with an average penis length of 5.2 inches long.

Fleshlight Flight Size Guide for Pilot, Aviator, and Instructor Fleshlights
5.2 inches is the average penis length for adult males.
  • LENGTH: If your dick is less than 6.75 inches long, it will fit inside the sleeve. Longer dicks may still fit, but will stick out a little bit at the base.
  • GIRTH/THICKNESS: If your circumference is 5.5″ of less, you’ll fit just fine.

Sizes and weights of popular Fleshlight models

Total Length Widest Diameter Total Weight
Full-Size Fleshlight 10 inches 3.8 inches 1.6 lbs
Fleshlight Go 8.5 inches 3.5 inches 1.1 lbs
Fleshlight Flight 8 inches 3.5 inches 14.1 oz
Fleshlight Quickshot 4.4 inches 3 inches 8.6 oz

Fleshlight Flight Pilot sleeve and case

The Pilot’s sleeve is made from Fleshlight’s signature SuperSkin material housed inside a jet black case. Its swirled entry hole is a non-anatomical, “non-descript” design that doesn’t try to simulate the visual appearance of women’s vaginas or buttholes. 

Famously, the Pilot’s internal texture features the same bumps, nodes, tentacles, fingers, and ribs found in the Fleshlight Destroya sleeves. 

Why is the Flight Pilot called “Mini-Destroya”?

At Reddit and other online communities, the Flight Pilot is often called “Mini-Destroya” because the Pilot’s interior texture is almost identical to the notoriously-tight Destroya texture, available in the Fleshlight Girls Stoya and Original Pink Fleshlight.

Compare for yourself

Drag the slider left and right to see the differences and similarities between the Pilot “Mini-Destroya” and Stoya Destroya sleeves.

Pilot 'Mini-Destroya' Destroya

Differences between the Pilot Mini-Destroya and Destroya

Close-up Photo of Fleshlight Flight Ice non-anatomical entry hole and shortened runway canal before sleeve textures begin
Those little dots right under the entry hole are where the Mini-Destroya textures start in the sleeve.
  • Shorter “runway”: The bland “runway” immediately after the entry was shortened by 0.8 inches (2 cm), allowing you to enjoy it’s textures sooner. 
  • Rear chambers moved forward: The compartments in the back were moved closer to the front, allowing more guys to experience those sensations. 
  • Taper removed from last chamber: The width of the ribbed rear chamber was straightened out. 

The Tightest, Most Intense Fleshlights According To Reddit

Other than these minor modifications, the “Mini-Destroya” and Destroya sleeves are identical.

So if you’re interested in a Fleshlight that spoils you with luxurious tightness and stimulation, you might want to take a closer look at the Fleshlight Flight Pilot.

Orifice comparison: Fleshlight Flight “Mini-Destroya” vs Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya

Photo comparison: The Flight Pilot “Mini-Destroya” generic entrance hole compared to the Girls Stoya Destroya vagina orifice.
The Pilot sleeve’s entry hole is wider and less intense than the Destroya’s.

The Flight Pilot offers luxurious tightness and stimulation in an affordable, compact and discreet design.

First impressions

Despite its low price point, the “Mini-Destroya” feels well-built and sturdy when you pick it up. In other words, it’s got the same build quality and craftsmanship as other Fleshlight products.  

What’s in the box?

Free Fleshlight Fleshlube Water and Fleshlight Renewing Powder on table
Free Fleshlight Renewing Powder and lube come in the box. But they only give you enough lube for one or two masturbation sessions, so you’ll need more before it runs out.
  • Fleshlight Flight Pilot
  • Fleshlube sample pack
  • Fleshlight Renewing Powder sample pack

Case design and materials

Fleshlight Mini-Destroya clear sleeve and black plastic case
The Flight series masturbators seem to be built with usual high-quality materials as Fleshlight’s other masturbators.

In your hand, the smooth plastic case feels substantial, but not awkward or heavy. The graceful, curved housing and the angled back cap look modern and non-Fleshlight-y, which adds stealth and hide-ability. 

My biggest complaint about the case is the embossed Flight logo on the side. That little logo adds no value to the user experience and prevents the Pilot from being a completely stealthy and discreet sex toy. 

Using the Fleshlight Flight Pilot: How does it feel?

Usage photo of Fleshlight Flight Pilot on table next to bottle of Sliquid Sassy lube
The Flight’s front cap makes a convenient, non-messy “coaster” for keeping lube nearby.

After my new Flight Pilot arrived, I enthusiastically tested it in multiple solo and partnered play sessions over a three-week period.

After applying a little lube to the entry, I enjoy teasing my head with the Pilot’s delicate see-through orifice, twisting it around and gently “kissing” my cock head with its soft “lips”. The entry is fairly wide and loose, so it’s easy to penetrate.

It makes your penis look bigger

It’s exciting to see myself sliding in and out of the clear orifice, which also acts like a magnifying glass making my penis look bigger.

Once inside, the “Mini-Destroya” texture surrounds you with its signature tentacles, bumps, nodes, and fangs. 

The first chamber comes up fast, and you can feel each of the tiny nodes and tentacles stimulating your tip.

The longer fangs of the second chamber are more aggressive as you push through them. They’re so intense that it’s almost a relief to reach the gentle ribbed section at the end of the sleeve.

Overall, the “Mini-Destroya” sensations feel amazing, and you can feel each one as they massage your shaft and head. 

Long, strong orgasms

In the three weeks I’ve been using my Fleshlight Flight Pilot, I’ve had some of the longest, strongest orgasms I’ve ever had from using a Fleshlight.

Great for quickies and medium-length sessions

If you want a Fleshlight for quickies and medium-length sessions, you should keep the Flight Pilot on your list. The tight, multi-textured sleeve feels amazing, and the stimulation is so intense that orgasms can come very suddenly .

Edging is a fun challenge

Some guys say that the heavily-textured ‘Mini-Destroya’ isn’t designed for long masturbation sessions since it’s so intense. But in my opinion, they’re only partly right.

Delaying orgasms with the Pilot is a fun challenge that requires paying lots of attention to your body, especially those Kegel muscles.

Personally, I think guys with some stamina training experience with Fleshlights will still be able to delay climaxing for a decent amount of time.

Light weight is the second reason why the Flight Pilot is good for edging. After an hour of holding the 14-ounce Fleshlight Flight, my hands, wrists and arms never started feeling tired, or like I needed to switch hands.

So if you’re a guy dealing with arthritis or other musculoskeletal diseases who wants to find a lightweight male masturbator, the Fleshlight Flight series may be a real godsend.

The Best Lube For Fleshlights, According To Reddit

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning clear Ice Fleshlight Flight sleeve under running faucet
Cleaning my Pilot sleeve with water at the faucet is quick.

Cleanup is every guy’s least favorite part of using Fleshlights, but can you really blame us? We just climaxed, so we’d prefer to go to sleep or get on with our day instead of spending time cleaning sex toys.

That’s another reason I love my Fleshlight Flight Pilot: it’s truly fast to clean and dry. From start to finish, it takes 3 to 4 minutes to clean with water and a little antimicrobial toy cleaner.

Drying time is even more impressive.

Drying Fleshlight Flight Pilot Mini Destroya sleeve on bath towel with black case
The Pilot sleeve dries in about an hour, adding to its overall stealth. since the faster a sleeve dries, the sooner you can hide it away.

My freshly-washed Pilot sleeve takes about an hour to air-dry.

I currently have five Fleshlights in my collection, and the only ones that dry faster than the Pilot are my Quickshots, which are open on both ends.

How to Clean a Fleshlight Without Damaging it

Storage, hiding, and travel

Photo showing a Flight Pilot stored in a dresser drawer with men's clothes
In the photo above, you can see my Mini-Destroya stuffed into a dresser drawer. It’s small enough to fit into any of your cabinets, totes, or bags.

If stealth and privacy are high priorities for you, you’ll like how easily you can stuff this compact Fleshlight into any box, bag, or drawer when you’re ready to put it away. 

And since it doesn’t “look like a Fleshlight”—or any other kind of sex toy—your Pilot won’t be recognized immediately by parents, airport TSA agents or other people who stumble upon it by accident. 

All that makes it an especially discreet travel masturbator for business trips, weekend getaways and long road trips.

How does Fleshlight Flight Pilot compare?

Flight Pilot vs Quickshot

  • Both the Flight and the Quickshot are small enough to fit in any of your favorite hiding places and super-fast drying.
  • Size-wise, if your girth is 6 inches or less, you should fit both. 
  • But the Quickshot’s 4.4 inch open-ended sleeve doesn’t engulf your dick or come close to realistically simulating the feel of a vagina or butthole.
  • The fullness of the Flight’s entry offers a really nice feeling of pushing into something. 

Flight Pilot vs Fleshlight Go

  • Size-wise, the Flight Pilot is slightly shorter than the Fleshlight Go models, so if your member is average-size, you’ll be big enough to enjoy the entire length of the Pilot’s sleeve. 
  • The Flight Pilot is very intense, but not as intense as the Go Surge.
  • Stimulation is somewhere in between the Go Surge and the Go Torque, but not nearly as tight.
  • In my opinion, the Pilot is equally good for quickies and medium-length jack-off sessions with an amazing climax.
  • If you’ve worked on building your stamina, the Pilot will work for longer edging sessions, but you’ll need to pay attention to your body and pace yourself.

Flight Pilot “Mini-Destroya” vs Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya

  • The “Mini-Destroya” is more compact, light, and discreet than any big Fleshlight, and takes much less time to dry.
  • The Pilot’s transparent Ice sleeve is less realistic than the Fleshlight Girls Lady Destroya or the Pink Fleshlight Destroya
  • Due to the case size and sleeve thickness, the “Mini-Destroya” feels tighter than the Destroya. However, the Destroya is both tight and “roomy”, and feels more realistic overall. 

Need help choosing between the “Mini-Destroya” and Destroya?

If you’re on the fence and can’t decide which to order, here’s my best buying advice.

Buy the “Mini-Destroya” if you’re:

  • 6 inches or less in length: Since you’ll get to enjoy more of the awesome “Mini-Destroya” sleeve.
  • 5 inches or less in girth: Since the Pilot’s canal isn’t as wide, you’ll feel that “Mini-Destroya” tightness .

Buy either one if you’re:

  • 6 to 6.5 inches in length: Since you can enjoy the majority of both sleeves.
  • 5 to 5.5 inches in girth: Since you’ll be able to enjoy the contact pressure of both sleeve’s textures.

Buy the Destroya if you’re:

  • 7 inches or longer: Since the Pilot sleeve won’t engulf the entire length of your penis.
  • 5.5 inches or more in girth: Since the Pilot sleeve will feel too tight and uncomfortable.

Fleshlight Flight review summary


  • 40% cheaper than Fleshlight Girls
  • Compact size
  • “Mini-Destroya” sleeve offers intense, varied stimulation 
  • Easy to clean and fast drying (for a Fleshlight)


  • Only 3 sleeve options
  • May be too tight for girthy guys
  • Sleeve won’t completely engulf long dicks
  • Slanted back cap makes re-applying lube awkward

Average rating

Portability 90%
Ease of cleaning 90%
Drying time 70%
Stimulation 90%
Orgasm 90%
Overall Intensity 80%

Fleshlight Flight Pilot recommendations

The Pilot is ideal for guys who …

  • Are average or below-average in length and girth
  • Have considered a large Fleshlight, but want a smaller, lighter and cheaper sex toy
  • Want a masturbator that’s truly fast to clean and dry
  • Need a discreet sex toy they can hide and store anywhere
  • Want a new couples sex toy for partner play

Who should NOT buy a Flight Pilot?

I wouldn’t recommend a Pilot to guys who …

  • Have a dick longer than 6.75 inches or thicker than 5 inches around
  • Get excited by sex toys with realistic-looking pussies and assholes 

The Flight Pilot offers luxurious tightness and stimulation in an affordable, compact and discreet design.

Questions or feedback? 

If you have any questions or want to share your own experience with the Pilot, let us know down in the comments!


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